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I'm a technology journalist.

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Even Cities Are Jumping on the Open Source Bandwagon

The idea is that in the information age citizens shouldn't have to drag over a Town Hall barn and listen to hours on the local water sprinkler schedule in order to participate in the community....

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Snowden's NBC Interview Reminds Us that Leaking Was the Only Option

Chronic whistleblowing and reports of a clog in proper channels points to an institutional problem....

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Code as Law: How Bitcoin Could Decentralize the Courtroom

Applying cryptocurrency's peer-to-peer system to legal contracts and dispute resolution could decentralize trust....

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The Surveillance State Doesn't Have to Be an Orwellian Nightmare

As long as it flows in both directions....

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As Businesses Boom, States Must Decide How to Regulate Bitcoin

With its penchant for seesawing values and off-putting headlines, Bitcoin has drawn mixed reactions from local governments so far....

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Why Bitcoin May One Day Split Into Black and White Coins

Forcing regulations on bitcoin could divide the digital currency into two camps: coins that are regulated and managed by a government or central agency, and coins that remain off the books in the cryp…...