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I'm a technology journalist.

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Beginnersguide article
The Content Strategist

5 Awesome Brand Videos That Harness the Power of Music | The ...

5 Awesome Brand Videos That Harness the Power of Mu...

Sneaker article
The Content Strategist

Can 3D Rescue Display Ads? | The Content Strategist, by Contently

Can 3D Rescue Display Ads? | The Content Strategist...

Braininfographic article
The Content Strategist

Is Neuroscience the Future of Content Marketing Measurement?

When it comes to measuring content, it's always difficult to balance intuition with science. But some neuroscientists think there's room to completely turn marketing on its head....

Beginnersguide article
The Content Strategist

So Brands Are Producing Lots of Content. What's Next? | The ...

So Brands Are Producing Lots of Content. What's Nex...

Shutterstock 174675479 article
The Content Strategist

Transparency Trending: Lifehacker Opens Up Their Edit Process to All

Lifehacker, one of Gawker Media's newest and most popular sites, is giving readers a look into the blog's editorial brainstorming sessions and debates on a new sub-blog called Shop Talk....

Captaincitrus highres article
The Content Strategist

Meet Marvel’s New Branded Content Superhero, Captain Citrus

What do you get when you combine a piece of fruit with Marvel's superhero domination? Surprisingly, the answer is a powerhouse piece of branded content....

32 article
The Content Strategist

The Best Branded Content of September

In September, the content marketing industry finally got back from the Hamptons....

1280px sikadeer article
The Content Strategist

Content Marketing Catchup: IBM’s Incredible Content, How Neuroscience May Change Marketing, and More Must-Reads

Countless articles have been written this year about how different emotions make content go viral, but now researchers are starting to take this...

1 1 article
The Content Strategist

Watch Cheerios Celebrate Love in This Bold, Beautiful New Video

Cheerios' latest video demonstrates how pure, simple storytelling can make the best kind of ad....

Shutterstock 189869657 article
The Content Strategist

Podcasting Will Explode, and 4 Other Predictions From Top Media Minds

Content marketing is a big trend made out of many smaller trends—the Matryoshka Doll of media, if you will, with one exciting new technology stacking into the next. At the TrackMaven Marketing Summit earlier this month, media leaders hazarded a few guesses at the next big thing, to crib a...