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I'm a technology journalist.

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The Freelancer

Where Did the Word 'Freelance' Come From? | The Freelancer, by ...

Where Did the Word 'Freelance' Come From? | The Fre...

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The Content Strategist

5 Awesome Brand Videos That Harness the Power of Music | The ...

5 Awesome Brand Videos That Harness the Power of Mu...

Sneaker article
The Content Strategist

Can 3D Rescue Display Ads? | The Content Strategist, by Contently

Can 3D Rescue Display Ads? | The Content Strategist...

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Even Cities Are Jumping on the Open Source Bandwagon

The idea is that in the information age citizens shouldn't have to drag over a Town Hall barn and listen to hours on the local water sprinkler schedule in order to participate in the community....

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Snowden's NBC Interview Reminds Us that Leaking Was the Only Option

Chronic whistleblowing and reports of a clog in proper channels points to an institutional problem....

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"Delightful" Little Blue Robots Will Teach Youngsters How to Code

Thanks to Play-i, tiny one-eyed robots will soon take steps to fill America's conspicuous digital literacy void....

Screen shot 2014 06 25 at 17.08.58 article

'Adopt a Node' Project Aims to Bolster Bitcoin Network Security

The open-source Fullnode project offers an easy way for anyone to provision the bitcoin network....

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Venezuelans Organize Protests and Evade State Censorship With Walkie-Talkie App

Like with Arab Spring, protesters in Venezuela and Ukraine owe their impressive organization to mobile social media apps. Venezuelan authorities are particularly frustrated with Texas-based Zello, a simple walkie-talkie app, for emerging as a leading tool for the opposition. The government even tried to block it. The peer-to-peer digital messaging...

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Code as Law: How Bitcoin Could Decentralize the Courtroom

Applying cryptocurrency's peer-to-peer system to legal contracts and dispute resolution could decentralize trust....

Braininfographic article
The Content Strategist

Is Neuroscience the Future of Content Marketing Measurement?

When it comes to measuring content, it's always difficult to balance intuition with science. But some neuroscientists think there's room to completely turn marketing on its head....

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The Surveillance State Doesn't Have to Be an Orwellian Nightmare

As long as it flows in both directions....

Ants article

MaidSafe CEO David Irvine Talks Nature, Ants and Decentralization

David Irvine describes how ants, neurons and other natural marvels guide the structure of MaidSafe's decentralized data platform....

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How Regulators Should Approach the Bitcoin Derivatives Market

Mercatus Center scholars recommend that policymakers use a “bottom-up” approach to regulating bitcoin....


The Real Reason Putin and Obama Are Duking It Out? Stubbornness

The real reason that the U.S. and Russia's relations have been trending downwards isn't irreconcilable differences. It's reluctance....


Largest Trade Deal in History Hits a Road Block Over GMOs

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is hitting roadblocks due to Europe's concerns overGMO food. But science should win out over fear-mongering....